It can be hard to buy the things that you want especially when they are expensive and everyone ants them which is why they are always sold out. One way of getting them is through promos and prize giveaways. However, you also ask yourself is a free kylie lipkit any good? A lot of people have high expectations for this because of how popular it is and of course, since it is endorsed by the very popular Kylie Jenner. As everyone is rushing out to buy it, you feel as if you also have to get it because it is posted in just about everywhere.

How to know if the lipkit is best for you

One of the ways where you can know if a product will suit you or not, would be reading up on reviews about them. There are reviews that show how they have experienced using the lipkit and how it felt. All of the colors of the $29 Lip Kits have sold out in simply minutes, now they have been selling for about $300 which isn’t easy money at all. For such a huge price you may want to think over if it is the best lipkit that you can but out there. Good news is that many reviews state that it is good.

The colors are subtle but are warm enough to look like your lips have life in them. It looks great in various skin tones and the shades are simply beautiful. You will never go wrong with the colors and the color theme of the outfit which you are in for the day. The lip liner that comes with it is soft and easily glides on the lips. It is very pigmented and a bit darker than how you have expected. It lasts long and blends perfectly with the lipstick. If you would like a quick fix with your daily make up then this kit would be the perfect solution.

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