Using a lush bath bomb is a great way to relax. Modern life has many conveniences and advantages to enjoy, ranging anywhere from take-out Chinese to Netflix binging. However, it is also balanced with stresses, from being texted around the clock to filing taxes every year. The need for creating time for yourself to just unwind and rejuvenate has never been more important, particularly when you take into consideration that it seems like everything is a political controversy these days and even family dinners at holidays are strained.

If your bathtub is big enough for you to fill up and soak in, then a lush bath bomb is just the thing that adds something extra. While just soaking a tub full of hot water can melt your stress away and soothe your muscles, lush bath bombs add new elements to the mix, depending on which one you buy. Some add serious bubbles, others change the water color or texture, and many of them actually release aromatherapy scents into the air. Each bath bomb is a different yet enticing experience for the person that partakes in using it.

Even if this does not sound like your thing, or if you just have showers in your home, then you might still want to stock up on lush bath bombs if you find them on sale. They make wonderful gifts, or just stocking stuffers when the big holiday rolls around again. If you don’t have a tub to use yourself, save a few of them and treat yourself to relaxation on the road the next time you are staying in a hotel room with a good tub.

These particular items do not seem to have hit the mainstream market yet, but sooner or later, people are going to be talking about them.

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